A motley band of amateur bar tenders, avid comic book readers, and critics.  Join us each week we ramble and discuss a different Graphic Novel, Trade Paper Back, or Comicbook and attempt a cocktail pairing (cause pairing chocolates and wine is doesn't have enough superhero's involved).

The Panel:


Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist ... These are all things Adam McDonald is not. He is a lifelong geek, happily married in Salt Lake City and takes way too many pictures of his pug to be healthy (look her up on Twitter). You can find his musings over at Big Shiny Robot and also as the cohost of the Bored As Hell Podcast.


Born and raised in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Bryan now lives in Southern California.  When not at his day job as a henchman for an evil corporation bent on intergalactic domination, Bryan spends most of his time with his wife Jess, their fish Fin, cat Kylo, and dog Kessel (catch the star wars references there did ya?). Together they enjoy traveling, and seeking out speakeasies around the country. Bryan is also a member of the English Class Hooligans Podcast


Pro wrestler / Ref and comic book geek.  This man of mystery is a frequent panelist at Salt Lake Comic Con.  If you're lucky, you can find him at Doctor Volts Comics in Salt Lake City. 


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