Doctor Strange: The Oath - The Drinking Game

With the Doctor Strange movie coming up, we dove into a Doctor Strange comic.  Doctor Strange: The Oath, a self contained story, with a good dose of back-story. 

  • The “Elementary” Rule: Every time a reference to Sherlock Holmes and/or Watson is made, take a drink.
  • The “Bromance” Rule: Take a drink every time Dr. Strange or Wan have to tell someone they aren’t lovers.
  • The “Manos” Rule: Any reference to Dr. Strange’s hands/and or in ability to do surgery anymore, take a drink.
  • The “Elixir” Rule:  The elixir appears or is referred to, take a drink.

Episode 28 - Doctor Strange: The Oath -  iTunesGooglePlayStitcher, and TuneIn on October 24, 2015.