Batman: The Long Halloween Drinking Game

From one Halloween to the next, Batman is on a quest to catch the “Holliday” killer.  On this weeks episode, The Long Halloween, from the powerful combination of Jeph Loeb, and Tim Sale.

A new episode is out Monday. Here is a drinking game to fuel your weekend reading.

  • The “Mother’s Milk” Rule:  Whenever a nipple from a baby bottle is shown, take a drink.
  • The “Hey I know that Guy” Rule:  On the first appearance of a member of the rogues gallery, take a drink.
  • The “Whats his Name again” Rule:  They say the killer is called “Holiday”? Then its time to celebrate with a drink.
  • The “Trinket” Rule: Every time Holiday leaves a calling card, take a drink.
  • The “Its Length Not Girth” rule: When Batman cape longer than 10 yards of fabric take a drink.