The Wicked + The Divine + The Drinking Game

Every 90 years the gods are reincarnated, and this time they are pop stars in England.  This wee we are discussing Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + The Divine.


  • The Snap Crackle Pop Rule: Every time someone snaps their fingers, take a drink.
  • The Shape Shifter Rule: Every time the Morgan changes shape, take a drink.
  • The Inclusive Rule: Every time there is a character on the LGBT spectrum (gender fluid), take a drink.
  • The "I get that Reference", Rule: For every reference to a song or a band, take a drink.
  • The Damn Girl, Rule: When you wish your eye-shadow was a good as one of the characters in the book, take a drink.
  • The "Did you ever see that scene in scanners", Rule: When a head explodes, finish your drink.

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