Scott Pilgrim - The Drinking Game

This month each member of the panel is sharing a personal favorite with the rest of us.  Its our version of a white elephant party.  This week its Adams pick: Scott Pilgrim!  The book that got Adam back into comics as an adult.  Its a fun, heartfelt, action packed, romance in Canada (how can you go wrong?).

The Karma Chameleon Rule: Every time Knives try to look like one of the other girls, take a drink.

The Attack Hug Rule:  Every time Knives smothers Scott with affection he tries to avoid, take a drink.

The Dream Weaver Rule: Every time Scott has a dream of Ramona, take a drink.

The Strong Silent Type Rule: Every time there is a page with little to no words on it, take a drink.


Episode 34 - Scott Pilgrim is out on Monday on iTunesGooglePlayStitcher, and TuneIn