Scott Pilgrim - The Cocktails

This month each member of the panel is sharing a personal favorite with the rest of us.  Its our version of a white elephant party.  This week its Adams pick: Scott Pilgrim!  The book that got Adam back into comics as an adult.  Its a fun, heartfelt, action packed, romance in Canada (how can you go wrong?).

Great minds think alike, or at least steal from the same place.  Bryan and Adam both found there drinks from (director of the Scott Pilgrim film) Edgar Write's blog.  If you want to check that blog yourself, you can find it here.  Either way, here are the cocktails we stole:

sex bob-omb
rock sake
effen cucumber
fresh lime juice

scott pilgrim
makers mark
sweet vermouth
angosture bitters
garnished with a brandy cherry

ramona flowers
rock sake lillet blanc
fresh lemon juice
fresh blackberries

vegan police
hornitos reposado
jalapeno simple syrup
muddled strawberry
basil and lime

1 up
effen black cherry vodka
fresh pomegranate
lime juice

Todd's Cocktail is something from his past.  Chose for this book since its a drink someone the age of the characters in this book would drink.  

Im Too Old for This Shit

Episode 34 - Scott Pilgrim is out on Monday December 5th.

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