The Emma Frost

On the next episode of the Funnybooks and Firewater podcast, we discuss the classic X-Men Arc, the Dark Phoenix Saga. Here is a preview of the panels drink choices to get you start your weekend.  On Monday you can rise from the ashes and join us for our discussion of the Dark Phoenix.


The Emma Frost

1 Part Vanilla Vodka
1 Part Sprite
1 splash of Key Lime Juice
1 Sliced Lemon
Optional: 1 oz Cranberry Juice
Optional: 1 oz Southern Comfort

Combine vodka, sprite and ice in a collins glass, then add the Key Lime juice and stir. Garnish with the lemon.

For a Scott and Emma, combine the cranberry juice and Southern Comfort in a  shot glass to server as a side car to the Emma Frost.

Q got this recipe from the ComicsAlliance page.