Charlie Chan

In this weeks episode we discuss the first trade paperback of Jessica Jones.  If you were old school, and read it when it first came out like Q, you know it as Alias, if you only heard about it because of the Netflix show, it was released as Jessica Jones:Alias.  Either way, we read and discuss the book, share some cocktails, and discuss the soap opera that comics stories can be.  

Vodka Infused with Black Tea
Ginger Syrup
Lemon Juice
Club Soda


Adam got this recipe from a Private Detective agency themed speak easy.  The actual measurements are still a bit of a mystery, but that may just add to the fun as you investigate this cocktail further. The actually recipe calls for lemon juice, black pepper and clove tinctures, and coconut marmalade as well, but Adam just replaced them with Club soda for his own home version.