Poison Ivy Marg-tini

Were back with another Batman book! Nearly every member of the rogue’s gallery gets involved in this week’s book: Hush, written by Jeph Loeb, with amazing art by Jim Lee. 


  • 1-3 Slices of Jalapeño
  • 3 Slices Cucumber
  • 3-4 Lime Wedges
  • 2.5 oz Tequila, preferably Blanco
  • 1 oz Cointreau 
  • 1 oz Simple Syrup
  • Salt
  • Rim with Old Bay


  • In a shaker, muddle lime wedges, jalapeños slices, cucumber slices, and simple syrup.
  • Add ice, tequila, and cointreau to shaker.
  • Shake for 20-30 seconds.
  • Pour salt onto a small plate.
  • Run a lime wedge around the rim of the martini glass.
  • Dip martini glass into the salt, you can use sugar here too if you prefer!
  • Strain contents of shaker into martini glass.
  • Garnish with a jalapeño slice and a sliver of cucumber.


If you only want a little heat, and a lot of citrus, use 1 jalapeño slice and more lime! To make the cucumber garnish, run a peeler along the entire length of a cucumber, fold accordion style and secure with a toothpick!