30 Days of Night: The Drinking Game

We begin our Halloween celebration.  For the month of October we’re focusing our attentions on the darker side of comics. This week we are discussing the Alaskan Vampire book 30 Days of Book.  A failed screen play, turned into a comic, then optioned for a movie.  Cause that’s how Hollywood works kids.  


Suggested rules for our 30 Days of Night Drinking Game.  Above all else, please drink responsibly. 

  • The "Das Fuck?" Rule: Take 1 sip every time the font prevents you from understanding what the hell a vampire is saying.
  • The "Wait, What?" Rule: Take 1 sip every time there are random words written in the panel that don't make sense.
  • The Drinking Buddy Rule: If a vampire is drinking, so are you.  Take a sip whenever a vampire drinks blood.
  • The "Ya Don't Say!" Rule: Every time a vampire reveals a vital detail about the plot, (example: Us poor vampires cant smell good in the cold, boo hoo).  Take a sip.
  • The "I've Got a Bad Feeling About This" Rule:  Something ominous happens (example: You mean all the cell phones in a small isolated town are burned together in a pile, gee wiz, I hope nothing bad happens) take a sip.
  • The Hello, Goodbye Rule: Finish your drink when the sun is seen either rising, or setting.