Letter 44: The Drinking Game

It’s first contact time, with Letter 44.  The incoming president finds a traditional note on his desk from the much hated out going president.  The note informs the president that their is an alien craft just out side of jupiter, and a team of american astronauts are on their way to make contact.

The, Baby on Board, Rule: 

Every time there is a reference to the baby or pregnancy, take a drink.


The Presidential Rule:

Every time Someone refers to the president, take a drink.


The Gravity Rule:

Every time there is an inconsistency in the gravity aboard the ship, take a drink.


The Polyamorous Rule:

Every time you realize that when you put a lot of adults in space for 3 years, and interesting things start to happen, take a drink.

Episode 40 - Letter 44 - January 16th, 2017.

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