Y: The Last Man - The Drinking Game

This week we finish up our Brian K. Vaughn spotlight with one of his most famous works: Y: The Last Man. After a plague wipes out every male creature in the world except a young magician and his pet monkey, that magician must make his great escape to Australia to find his girlfriend. 

The Escape Artist Rule:

Anytime our main character escapes a deadly situation, including the plague, take a drink.


The “His Fragile Little Ego" Rule:

Every time Yorick thinks someone is talking about him, but they are not, take a drink.


The Belly Button Rule:

Any time you see a woman appear in a tube top, take a drink. Every female belly button drink.


The Monkey Shines Rule: 

Every time Ampersand thows poo, runs away. Or gets in to general monkey mayhem. Take a drink.

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