Fan X Schedule

Our very own Adam and frequent guest Andy will be doing appearing at Fan X this weekend.  Here is where and when to find them:


Friday March 17, 2017 2:00 pm 250A

Rules for Rebellions: What Star Wars, Harry Potter, Hunger Games Teach Us About Fighting the Power

Rogue One, Rebels, Firefly, The Hunger Games, Dumbledore's Army, Mr. Robot, Continuum: our favorite films, books, and tv shows are full of groups of rag-tag rebels fighting against some great power. What can we learn from them about resilience in troubled times? How do our heroes get organized, how do they choose what fights to engage in and which ones to walk away from? Hear from people organizing communities using fandom about how they're engaging in real world topics and learn about concrete things you can do to fight for your own cause.

Saturday March 18, 2017 11:00 am 151G

The Doctor is Out: Who is 13?

With Peter Capaldi leaving the TARDIS behind, the question becomes - who should be the next doctor? Join our panel for a discussion of who they think should wield the sonic screwdriver next.


Saturday: 5:00 PM 150G

Love is Love is Love is Love: LGBTQIA Moving Forward into 2017

It's been a bittersweet year for those in the LGBTQIA community, and there is much to do still. Panelists across the spectrum will discuss where they've been, where they're going, how pop culture and the media is influencing the country and how geek culture has inspired and moved us forward. 

Bryan Richards