Ms. Marvel: The Drinking Game

This week we join Kamala Khan as she learns to control her new powers in the book Ms. Marvel. 

It's time for our Ms. Marvel Drinking game.  Even if Kamala Khan doesn't drink, doesn't mean you can't.

The “These Boots are made for Walking” Rule: 

Every time there is a reference to Capt. Marvels Boots, shoes, or shoe fetishes, take a drink (and get your Nancy Sinatra on).

The “Woe is Me” Rule: 

Every time Ms. Marvel Bitches about being a teenager or muslim, take a drink.

The “Transformation” Rule:

Whenever Ms. Marvel changes forms, take a drink.

The “Sitcom Dad” Rule:

Any time you can predict what the father will say before he says it, take a drink. (which is basically every time the dad is on page)

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