Planet Hulk: The Drinking Game

Bryan has never read a Hulk book before, and this is a highly recommended Hulk story is also the basis for part of the next Thor movie.  This week we are filling the gaps in our gapes in our knowledge by reading Planet Hulk.

Next week were reading the best selling graphic novel of all time (or so the cover says), The Death of Superman.  It’s the comic book event that crossed over to pop culture in a big way.  It also influenced the film Batman v. Superman.

The Pinkie Rule:  

Every time the Hulk calls the villains Pinkies, take a drink.


 The “You’ve got to be Chemming me,” Rule:

Any time there is a reference to chemming, take a drink.


The “Miek talk pretty” Rule:

When you picture Miek talking in either a Brak or a Jar Jar voice, take a drink.

The “Hulk Smash” Rule:

Every time Hulk says he’s getting more angry, and getting stronger, take a drink (of water, cause if you did this rule with booze, you would be dead).

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