The Death of Superman: The Drinking Game

This week were reading the best selling graphic novel of all time (or so the cover says), The Death of Superman.  It’s the comic book event that crossed over to pop culture in a big way.  It also influenced the film Batman v. Superman.

Next week we finish off our month of Gaps in Our knowledge with Fables.  A modern update on fairy tale characters in New York City.  

Doom and Gloom:

Whenever they point out the damage doomsday is going to cause before it happens.  Take a drink. 

Fiending for the D: 

Every time they use a d world, use another d word, and DRINK.

Who are all these supporting people?: 

When you don’t recognize one of the multitude of supporting characters, take a drink.

That's a piece of humble pie:

Every time a character is defeated by Doomsday, take a drink.

Doomsday is coming and he wants the D:

Overtime they say the word or name Doomsday, take a drink.

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