Midnighter: The Drinking Game

Between the supercomputer wired into his brain and the enhancements saturating his body, the living weapon known as Midnighter doesn’t face a lot of real challenges to his uncanny combat skills. Lucky for him, he enjoys beating the tar out of low-level bad guys as much as the high-end ones—and since his recent breakup with his first love (and fellow superhuman) Apollo, he’s had plenty of chances to engage in his unique brand of physical therapy.  This week we’re reading Midnighter Vol 1 - Out.

Next week we finish our pride month with the gay super group - The Pride. Follow the adventures of FabMan, Wolf, Muscle Mary, Frost and the rest of the team as they face off against threats like the Reverend, Poker Face, Basher and more!

All this while proving how vital and important the LGBTQ superheroes of the world really are!

We get it, you like Violence:

Whenever the midnight expresses his love for violence, take a drink.

Abort, Retry or Fail: 

Every time midnighter mentions the computer in your head.  Take a drink.

I’ve already done this a thousand times in my head: 

Whenever the Midnighter tells some one he’s about to fight that he has already played out every scenario a thousand times, take a drink.

The Best Assets:

When the Midnighter marks someone as an asset (especially after fucking them) take a drink.  

Episode 62 - Midnighter: Outis out on June 19th. Find this, and all our other episodes on iTunesStitcherGooglePlay, and TuneIn