Locke and Key Vol 2: Drinking Game

This month we are revisiting some of our favorite books from the past year, and checking out the next chapter in a month we’re calling “Take 2”  We start out with Locke and Key Vol 2 - Head Games.


The three Locke children—survivors of a horrific home invasion that claimed their father—have just begun to rebuild their lives when little Bode discovers a key with incredible power. Q: What if overcoming your fears, mastering any skill, learning any art was as simple as turning a key? A: It could cost you your life—especially if Dodge, the malevolent creature who is the Locke family's sworn enemy, gets his hands on it.

Next week we dive back into Saga.  Thanks to her star-crossed parents Marko and Alana, newborn baby Hazel has already survived lethal assassins, rampaging armies, and alien monstrosities, but in the cold vastness of outer space, the little girl encounters something truly frightening: her grandparents!

Turn the Key - Any time someone says key, take a drink

“Lets Do the Time-Warp Again” - Every time you find yourself in a flashback and didn’t realize it, take a drink.

What the fuck is his Name Again - Every time Dodge has to remind someone as to what his name is.  Take a drink.

Episode 64 - Locke and Key, Vol 2: Head Games,  is out on July 3rd.  Find this, and all our other episodes on iTunesStitcherGooglePlay, and TuneIn