Ep 81 - Sabrina - Show Notes

This Week: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, the young sorceress Sabrina Spellman finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between an unearthly destiny and her mortal boyfriend, Harvey. But a foe from her family's past has arrived in Greendale, Madame Satan, and she has her own deadly agenda. Archie Comics' latest horror sensation starts here!


Drinking Game

Hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon - Every time Satan is mentioned, take a drink. 

That Lady Has Skulls for Eyeballs - Every time you see Lady Satan in her natural form (with the skulls for eyeballs), take a drink. 

Short bus to Hell -  Every time hell in mentioned take a drink. 

Men are from Mars, Women are Witches - Whenever it is brought upthat mortals and witches shouldn’t integrate, take a drink.


Salem Witch 

  • 1 cup ice cubes 
  • 1/2 fluid ounce vodka 
  • 1/2 fluid ounce raspberry schnapps 
  • 1/2 fluid ounce melon liqueur (such as Midori®) 
  • 1 splash lime juice 
  • 1/4 cup sweet and sour mix 
  • 1 fluid ounce club soda 
  • 1 splash grenadine syrup 
  • Add all ingredients to list 

Fill a collins glass with ice, and pour in the vodka, raspberry schnapps, melon liqueur, and splash of lime juice. Pour in the sour mix until the glass is 2/3 full and top off the glass with the soda water. Stir gently to mix, then add a splash of grenadine to serve.


Witch's Brew

  • 1 6oz package of lime green jello
  • 2 cups boiling water
  • 1 2 liter bottle of sprite
  • 2 cups of vodka or more

Dissolve jello in boiling water. Pour into punch bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Let chill to room temp and serve over ice.


Skull Shot

  • 1 pt Kahula 
  • 1 pt Baileys Irish cream
  • 1 pt Whiskey


Black Cat

  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Cherry brandy
  • 4 oz Cranberry Juice
  • 4 oz Cola

Next Week: A powerful story about loss of freedom and individuality, V FOR VENDETTA takes place in a totalitarian England following a devastating war that changed the face of the planet. 

In a world without political freedom, personal freedom and precious little faith in anything comes a mysterious man in a white porcelain mask who fights political oppressors through terrorism and seemingly absurd acts. It's a gripping tale of the blurred lines between ideological good and evil.

Episode 81 - The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,  is out on October 30th.  Find this, and all our other episodes on iTunesStitcherGooglePlay, and TuneIn