Ep 88 - Old Man Logan - Show Notes

This Week: Nobody knows what happened on the night the heroes fell. All we know is that they disappeared and evil triumphed and the bad guys have been calling the shots ever since. What happened to Wolverine is the biggest mystery of all. For 50 years, no one has heard hide nor hair from him...and in his place stands an old man called Logan. A man concerned only about his family. A man pushed to the brink by the HULK GANG. A man forced to help an old friend--the blind archer, HAWKEYE--drive three thousand miles to secure his family's safety. Get ready for the ride of your life, Logan.


Drinking Game

I Know that Place - Every time they mention a real world location, take a drink. 

Logan is a Pussy - Every time logan refuses to fight, take a drink.

Drug Runner - Any mention to transporting Drugs, take a drink.

Money, Money, Money - Every time they mention Logan’s need for money to pay rent, take a drink. 


Old Fashioned

  • 1 teaspoon (5g) superfine sugar (or 1 sugar cube)
  • 2 to 3 dashes bitters (Angostura is traditional and works well)
  • 2 ounces (60ml) bourbon or rye whiskey
  • Orange and/or cherry, to garnish (optional)

Place sugar in an Old Fashioned glass. Douse with bitters and add a few drops of water. Add whiskey and stir until sugar is dissolved. Add several large ice cubes and stir rapidly with a bar spoon to chill. Garnish, if you like, with a slice of orange and/or a cherry.


The Wasteland

  • 500 ml Smirnoff Blue Label Vodka
  • 250 ml Gold Tequilla
  • 500 ml Wild Turkey Burbon
  • 100 ml Sambucca
  • 300 ml Black Ice
  • 300 ml Midori
  • 1 bottle of ale
  • 1 liter of cola

Mix together in a jug.


Hillbilly hulk

  • 1pt Moonshine
  • 1pt Midori

Next Week: In a quiet seaside town, a gas station clerk named Huck secretly uses his special gifts to do a good deed each day. But when his story leaks, a media firestorm erupts, bringing him uninvited fame. As pieces of Huck's past begin to resurface, it's no longer clear who his friends are - or whose lives may be in danger. This series from writer MARK MILLAR and artist RAFAEL ALBUQUERQUE presents a comic book unlike anything you've read before.

Episode 88 - Old Man Logan,  is out on December 18th.  Find this, and all our other episodes on iTunesStitcherGooglePlay, and TuneIn