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Le Death in the Afternoon

Were taking out our first Manga this week with Death Note, written by Tsugumi Ohba and art by Takeshi Obata,.  An epic cat and mouse game between a brilliant teen who can easily kill just by writing down a name, and the detective determined to catch the killer. 


  • Vanilla Infused Absinthe
  • Fresh Pineapple juice
  • Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Squid Ink
  • Moet & Champagne

We have done death in the afternoon before, (see the Lock and Key Episode where Todd and Bryan picked the same drink), but this week Q found a variation.  This was taken from a bars menu, so we don't have the exact measurements, so please experiment.  The squid ink is the big change here, making for a nice black cocktail.  


Were back with another Batman book! Nearly every member of the rogue’s gallery gets involved in this week’s book: Hush, written by Jeph Loeb, with amazing art by Jim Lee.  

Sugar cube soaked in bitters in champagne glass fill top Wilson Creek Almond Champagne (cause its from Adams Home town). 


Fit for a Queen

With beautiful art by Alex Ross, a script by Mark Waid this DC Elseworlds mini-series made a splash in 1996.  This week we are discussing Kingdom Come.  A futuristic story that deals with the conflict between the out of touch heroes we know, and a new group of dangerous vigilantes.

1oz Vodka
1oz Grand Marnier
Tripple Sec
Top with Champagne 
2 Dashes Orange Bitters

Drink one of these and you’ll be as much of a queen as Adam.

Death In The Afternoon

This week we discuss the first trade of Locke and Key - Welcome to Lovecraft.  Sit down, create your own ghostly brew, and join us as we discuss Joe Hill, and Gabriel Rodriguez’s creepy story.


1.5 oz Absinthe
4 oz Champagne
1 Dash Simple Syrup

Add absinthe and simple syrup to a flute.  Slowly top with chilled sparkling wine.

Note: A good, dry sparkling wine or Champagne work well here.  Because absinthe has a very particular flavor profile, some may prefer mor or less.  Though the oringila recipe calls for a prodigious one and a half ounces of absinthe., its’s easier to ermine standing after drinking one of these so contemporary version call for a lighter pour.

The title of Ernist Hemingway’s 1932 novel Death in the Afternoon is both a direct reference to the gruesome finale oaf Spanish bullfights and a more oblique one to his mediations on morality.  The fact that he ascribed the same title to a cocktail mae of a shot of absinthe topped with Champagne, which he submitted to a celebrity recipe book in 1935, is something to ponder.  The oringial formula for absinthe was certainly a more powerful concoction than it is now, but the more likely explanation for the macabre name: in his recipe he per scripted drinking three to five of these at a time.


The Dazzler

On the next episode of the Funnybooks and Firewater podcast, we discuss the classic X-Men Arc, the Dark Phoenix Saga. Here is a preview of the panels drink choices to get you start your weekend.  On Monday you can rise from the ashes and join us for our discussion of the Dark Phoenix.


The Dazzler

1 oz Blue Curaçao 
Orange Juice
Pop Rocks

Rim a champagne flute with pop rocks

Mix Champagne and Orange Juice.  Float the Blue Curacao on top.

To be honest, Q made this recipe up, so we have no idea what the exact measurements should be.