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Mind Stone

Its the beginning of the end when Thanos gets the Infinity Gauntlet.  Half of all living creatures are wiped out in the first book along.  And we end with a game of keep-away on an epic scale.

Use Sugar from candy ginger to rim the top of a glass

Fill glass withMountain Dew Voltage (blue)

Garnish with Candied Ginger.

Episode 38 - The Infinity Gauntlet is out on Monday January 2nd.

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The Kitty Pryde

On the next episode of the Funnybooks and Firewater podcast, we discuss the classic X-Men Arc, the Dark Phoenix Saga. Here is a preview of the panels drink choices to get you start your weekend.  On Monday you can rise from the ashes and join us for our discussion of the Dark Phoenix.


The Kitty Pryde

Mix Sprite and Skittles

Q invented this drink.  Its virgin, cause, well Kitty Pryde is like 15 in the Dark Phoenix saga.

A Preacher Mocktail - Blood & (not)Whiskey

On Monday mornings episode, we are discussing Preacher: Gone to Texas.  To get your weekend started, we have drink recommendations from all of our panelists to get you in the Texas state of mind, and perhaps give the power of the Word of God.


Andy, is not a drinker by he recommends Baby Blue Whiskey to get that Texas feel.

Blood and Whiskey (Mocktail)

Pepsi 1893 w/ginger flavor

Mix Pepsi and Grenadine to taste, garnish with a Cherry.