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Ex Machina: The Drinking Game

This month we are spotlighting writer, Brian K. Vaughan.  First up is Ex Machina.  The story of Michell Hundred, a man trying to balance being a super hero, and being the mayor of New York. 

The "A slip in the time stream" Rule: 

Every time the book jumps back and forth in time, take a drink.

The Gear Head rule: 

Every time you see the gear symbol, take a drink.

The, “Yeah, its not Acne” Rule:  

Every time you see the digital scaring on the side of the main characters face, take a drink.

The Politico Rule:

Every time a political party, or position is mentioned.  Take a drink.

Episode 44 - Ex Machina, is out on Monday

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X-Men Mutant Genesis: The Drinking Game

We finish off our month long celebration of beginning, origins, and fresh starts with X-Men Mutant Genesis.  A restart for the X-Men, but the beginning of the end for writer Chris Claremont.  

The Puny Human Rule: 

Every time you hear human, homosapien and homo-superior or flat scan, take a drink.

 The Animated Series Rule:

Any time you read a characters dialogue win the voice of their animated series voice actor, take a drink.  If you sing the them song in your head, or out loud, finish your drink.

The "Who’s Team are you on?" Rule:

Every time a character changes allegiances either to fake out the other side, or due to mind control, take a drink.

The Achy Breaky Rule: 

Every time you see a hairstyle that you think billy ray cyrus would have rocked, take a drink.

Episode 42 - X-Men: Mutant Genesis is out on Monday January 30, 2017.

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