Ep 114 - America: The Life and Time of America Chavez

When unicorns cum it comes out as confetti doesn’t it? - Bryan “Thats how I cum.” - Adam

"Well we did trade wait on this one, and even that was a mistake." - Todd

"I bleed red, white, and blue." - Todd "You should probably see a doctor." - Adam

"This book is like super hero tofu.  It’s only good when other superhero are in the mix."  - Bryan

"She makes dark rocks look bright." - Todd

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Ep 113 - Fogtown

He makes my dick sore….raw! - Jeremiah

We will slip this in right now…giggty. - Bryan

Latter tonight, I’m gonna sneak into your bedroom and whisper in your ear. Sazarac. - Bryan

Scissor me timbers. - Adam

You don’t want floppy when you can have hard. - Todd

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Ep 112 - Iceman: Thawing Out

Adam loves full asshole. - Jeremiah

(To the tune of Livin on a Prayer) Ohhhh, he’s half way there, Ohhhh, a rainbow and a bear. - Jeremiah

After she’s been with her boyfriend, I’m sure it looks like a porcupine on her floor. - Bryan 

My drink is called the Iceman cometh. - Adam You spelled it wrong, you spelled it with an ‘o’ - Bryan

How do you make a coconut cream? - Bryan

Your rimming the glass, then making it hard. -Bryan

When you don’t have any fat rolls over your dick, it looks bigger. - Adam

My heart says yes, but my dick says no. - Todd and Adam

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Ep 111 - Ant-man: Second Chance Man

"Have you ever thought of a career as a drug mule." -Bryan

"It wasn’t bad for two people." - Bryan "Neither is Adam. "- Jeremiah

"Siri, can you french braid butt hair?" - Jeremiah

"Every time a bar tells you there blender is broken, those fuckers are lying to you." - Todd

"That's one way to piss off your enemies, take all their whores."  - Todd

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Ep 110 - Deadpool Max: Nutjob

"The man who never comes first, we have Mr. Adam." - Bryan 

“I didn’t teach him that.” - Adam “He learned from Groot.” - Jeremiah

"People who are involved with this should be punched in the genitals…or forced to read bo-bobo." - Adam

"That's like saying Hitler had nice paintings." - Adam

"Adam, do you get merit badges, cause if you do, I wanna see your sash." - Bryan

"He became a spread-eagle scout." - Jeremiah 

"I’d rather lay my dick out on a table and smash is with a tack hammer, than read this book again." - Jeremiah

"I thought it was make america gay again." - Jeremiah

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Ep 109 - Star Wars: Lando

Can you just imagine palpatine going “It's my Birthdaaaaay!” - Jeremiah

Growing up for me, you know like crayola 64? It was more like crayoned 28, with spares. -Todd  

(In reference to tattoos) "Its weird to think that a target above your butt crack would remind you of your grandma." -Adam "Don’t knock the memories." - Todd

"Your phone fucks, that's awesome." - Todd "That's how I get more phones." - Bryan

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